The Back-up Plan

John Mark has asked me before if I would ever get married again if something happened to him. The answer has always been no because Matthew Mcconaughey is already taken nobody could replace my sweetheart…..until I got a better offer.

I had the absolute torture opportunity of substitute teaching the other day for the Pre-K class at my girls school. They were just a bundle of joy and energy and I really did have a lot of fun with them. At the end of the morning one of the little boys (who just happens to be a prominent doctor’s son) asked me to marry him. I was delighted! He was so cute and genuinely sincere, I just wanted to bundle him up and take him home with me….but I think there’s a law against that somewhere.

To sweeten the deal even further….his best friend said “That’s a great idea, you marry Mrs. Brown and I can marry Rebecca and then we can all be a family”.
Now, Rebecca is my often stalked adored child by all the little boys at school…but who can turn down a two for one offer. The boys hustled off to lunch busily making plans for their double wedding….and I went home to tell John Mark that my bargaining chips have gone waaaaaaay up. Because now I have a back-up plan