The Boyfriend Rules at our House

The curse of having boycrazy girls is that I have actually had to come up with guidelines to address this situation for my 13 and 11 year old. My girls have never not liked boys…..even in kindergarten they were both mooning over someone, that is just part of their character and something I would rather manage then deny completely. In my mind if you deny or ignore the existence of those kinds of feelings than in my experience it happens behind your back and you end up with sneaky children.

Why do I know that….because I was a sneaky girl, and I know how much I hid from my parents and got away with. I don’t want my girls to feel like everything they do or feel must be kept in secret or that they should be ashamed of how they feel. So to keep the drama to a minimum we have come up with a few guidelines that we can all agree with until High School when we will reevaluate.

1. The first rule is you may not have a boyfriend that attends your school. this is actually really easy for us because my girls go to a rural country school and all the boys they know there are like brothers to them. This also allows for full and total concentration on school work as the number one priority.

2. To have a social life with boyfriend (like go to football/baseball games or junior high dances) You must have an “A” average on schoolwork. This makes Rebecca have to maintain her grades, and forces Regan to focus on her work and not get distracted.

3. The boy must meet specific standards
-good family
-believes in God and attends church
-kind to others
-good sense of humor
(Rebecca says it helps if they are hot too)

4. If there are plans to meet at the movies with a group then mom gets to go too.

Those are the official Junior High dating rules at my house, and I am so glad we were able to sit down together and come up with rules we can abide by and everyone can live with. It is already looking like my social calendar is about to be filled with Thursday and Friday Night football games and Saturday night movies…..maybe I can change answers on the girls homework and put them into a “B” average.

There I go being sneaky again.