The “First” Dance

Yesterday, Rebecca got to go to her first official middleschool/junior high dance.

First came the phone calls to all her other friends.

Then came the planning of who was traveling with who….and what to wear.

Oh Wait…then there is the phone call about how to wear your hair.

No….still another rush of phone calls to speculate which boys might be attending.

Oooooops, still more phone calls to confirm first choice of outfit or whether 2nd and 3rd choice are better. Apparently T-Shirts/Jeans/flipflops are the winner
Then the announcement that we were to arrive “fashionably late”

Now it is time for nervous chatter in the car and trying to decide if they are brave enough to walk in the doors by themselves……or if they want me to walk in with them. It is decided that I should walk them in….just in case they don’t know anyone right away (at least I don’t have to drop them off a block away).

Then 2 1/2 hours later I arrived just a little early… keep an eye on things, and chat with other parents. There they were in the middle of the dance floor whooping it up with a crowd of kids dancing to “Baby got Back” apparently some songs never go out of style. Then I observed the “Boy’s Choice”…..and was glad to see that both of the girls I brought had partners to ask them. A few more rock/pop songs, and finally the last dance….where luckily both girls had a partner again.

The Verdict: Well the best dance ever don’t you know! Rebecca was proud to tell me she danced with seven guys….although she only knew the names of three of them. I laughed as the girls chatted about “big sweaty guy” , “guy who can’t dance”, and “nice guy that stepped on feet”…….such Seinfeldian names for people you don’t know.

Do you remember Junior High dances like this?