The Importance of a Beautiful Heart

Heart disease is a part of my family heritage. It is in the genetics and something that I am consistently aware of. My father and both grandparents have all had heart related problems in the last few years, and it has been a real eye opener for the whole family. In fact the Heart Hospital in Austin should have a room dedicated to my family, as much as we have patronized it.

It has made all of us very aware of what we put in our bodies as far as nutritional health, and making sure that fresh fruits and vegetables are a major part of our diet, and a lot less fat. In fact proper diet and exercise are the main ways to have a healthy heart….and the main things that most people don’t do.

Metamucil, the makers of fiber products, has created a new program called “Beautify Your Heart”. Metamucil wants women across the country to make a pledge to get their cholesterol checked and to start making lifestyle changes to keep your heart healthy. When I began to read all of the ways that Metamucil is getting involved I must admit to being very impressed.

Not only does it show how increased fiber can make a real difference in your heart health, but also drinking water daily, getting a good exercise program. There is a section devoted to goals, for fitness, diet, and body/soul health. The really neat thing is over 50,000 people have already signed up to be a part of their challenge.

When I make changes in my lifestyle, it models to my girls what I expect of them. I want my girls growing up knowing the importance of proper nutrition and exercise, and how fortunate that they have their great grandparents around them today…..because their heart problems have been addressed and are being worked on. Prevention is of course the best medicine, and I applaud Metamucil for helping lead the way