The Multi-Generational Slumber Party

Tonight we are having a slumber party at my grandma’s house. It is really awesome that my girls have five great grandparents in their lives. My Grandma lives about a 1/2 hour away from us, and the girls have begged me before to be allowed to stay the night with her. My problem with that previously has been that they want to stay with out me, and I just think Regan is a little much for my grandma to deal with on her own.

There is that, and then the last time I left them with her for an hour Regan tried to microwave the kitchen timer (just to see what would happen) and caught the microwave on fire. I figured everyone in question could use an adult figure in the picture.

1.The gameplan has been to eat (check…at 4:30, LOL)
2.Take a walk(check)
3.Play some cards (check….until grandma couldn’t learn Rebecca’s game, and Regan yelled that they were bothering her)
4.Watch Jon and Kate plus 8 (about to come on….and Regan and Grandma’s favorite show. Of course Regan has been watching it since it started, and Grandma has been watching it since the made the cover of the Enquirer)
5.have some fun snacks and watch a movie

Wish me luck and an evening of fun memories