The Only Reason I Hate Sundays

Well, I have heard talk that as the government (and everyone else) tries to cut back without cutting jobs….that one of the next things that will happen is that mail delivery will go to five days a week intead of six.

As if Sundays aren’t torture enough?

You see I LOVE my mail. I start to think about it coming everyday around 9:30 a.m. (even though it won’t be there til around 10:00). I wonder which magazines will be arriving, what cool freebie samples or products for me to test/review might be there. Will there be a new book from PaperBackSwap? Will I have cards from family members? Will it fill up the box, and Cindy (my very sweet mail person) will have to honk her horn for me to come outside, or leave it on my front porch for me…..those days are the best!

Even if I walk out there and it is all college alumni letters, credit card offers, or offers for disability insurance. I still get goosebumps to look through it all. Of course it helps that I refuse to open any bills so all the stress of that goes to John Mark not me.

I admit it I am a mail dork….but if you got my mail you might be too. Please don’t deprive me of another mail day, USPS……or if you do, can I work out something to where I can have my own key made, and I will sort and find my own mail on the weekends….just to save you the trouble….that’s legal, right?