The Perfect way to get Fresh Flowers

You can imagine my squeals of delight when this gorgeous bouquet arrived at my house. I proudly displayed my flowers in the middle of my kitchen where my husband can’t help but notice them immediately (which he does), and then I of course wait for the next obvious question of my mind

“Where did the flowers come from honey”?

Well I might as well wait until pigs fly….because the question never came. John Mark waltzed in during lunch, and just commented on how pretty they were. Not one query of their origin….not one slight hint of jealousy or curiosity. Doesn’t he worry at all? Well I finally couldn’t stand it any more, and said

“Don’t you want to know where they came from”?

Then I got to share that the bouquet came to me from the California Cut Flower Commission to showcase their new hint cards. So that those of us for whom husbands bringing home fresh bouquets on a whim is not a typical occurrence can leave subtle clues around that flowers would be appreciated. Here are the what the cards say:

1.pssst…my favorite flower is in season.
2.I DARE YOU TO BUY ME flowers.
3.Flowers make a girl happy. And you know what happens when this girl is happy… 😉
4.Want to make up for it? You know what to do.
5.Not because you have to. Not because you’re sorry. Just because.
6.”Don’t let all of my hard work go to waste!” – Mr Bumble Bee

Want to win possible free flowers once a month for a year fill out this survey

Want your own hint cards to leave out for the hard-headed significant others in our lives? Thanks to the California Cut Flower Commission and Family Review Network I have 25 sets of these cards to give away…..and I decided it would be much easier to just give them out to my first 25 different commentors.

Here is the deal:

The first 25 different commentors that tell me where they would leave a hint card will win them.

For contact purposes, if you are a non-blogger or your email is not accessible in your blog profile, please leave a valid email address within the comment section.
Contest is open to US readers
Contest ends whenever 25 comments are reached.
Winners will be notified by email.