The Shandle: Review

With allergies, colds, flus and viruses already affecting my girls school they are taking measures to make sure to keep the kids as clean, healthy, and hygeneic as possible. Of course hand washing, hand sanitizer…and most of all keeping hands to yourself are of course top priority. Keeping this in mind, I was delighted when I was asked to review The Shandle because it would be perfect for the pre-K classroom as they are learning all the important rules of their classroom. One of the most integral rules of the Pre-K classroom is to wash your hands after you go to the bathroom. Since I have subbed in that class already 4 times this year, it is a rule that needs a constant reminder.

With The Shandle it helps have a visual daily reminder to my darling little pre-k class that washing hands is so important. Last week I took it up to school and showed Mrs. Steinmann the teacher and we adhered it to the toilet seat. The next day she had a small talk with the class and explained how to lift the seat to the boys in class (and of course put it back down for the girls in class). She then told them what it said so they would have that visual reminder every time they went in there to use the restroom.

I wish I would have gotten pictures of Mrs. Steinmann giving her talk with those attentive darling children. She has reported back to me that all the kids are washing their hands with no problem and no need for verbal reminders so it shows that The Shandle is working.

I think they need these in daycare centers and classrooms everywhere as well as in homes to help kids learn proper hygeine while in the restroom. This is an innovative product that I can highly reccomend.