The Thrill of the Hunt

I am a shark smelling blood in the water (okay slightly too graphic) okay. let’s try….I am a stalker, obsessed fan, mad woman normal but frugal(yeah let’s run with that) about finding a Nintendo Wii, and Wii Fit at a bargain basement price. I have looked at Craig’s List, Ebay, and refurbished sites, because i will not stop until I get this for Regand (okay for me too) because I have been talking to her therapists and they all agree this would be a wonderful way to continue therapy throughout the summer.

Since I adore getting top dollar items at bargain basement prices, I am scoffing at the idea of spending over $300 for everything, and have decided if I can fine it in like new condition I think I would allow myself to spend half of the going price. If I didn’t want it so badly for this summer, I would wait even longer to see if I could get a Black Friday (my favorite shopping day) steal.

I am on a mission, so if any of my wonderful friends hear of a great deal (that would include shipping) then please let me know. I would much rather Regan and I eat healthy and have a fun way to stay fit than resort to weight loss pills and couch potato disease in the upcoming summer months.

Of course the ideal situation would be for a Nintendo Rep to find my site, and say “what a wonderful thing we would be doing by providing therapy and weight loss fun to this family” LOL….. Hey it could happen…