Today I am Experiencing Photo Envy

Hmmmmm….It has been one week since my girls started school this year, and I have to admit I am slightly bitter. Why? You might ask. Well for the first time ever they both refused to pose for me on the first day of school for an official picture. At the time we were in a rush to get going and I didn’t push the issue. Believe me on that morning there was already enough drama going down without me trying to push that battle through. For instance Regan was unhappy with the breakfast choices, and proceeded to pout because I wouldn’t let her throw it away and start over. Rebecca couldn’t find her “perfect” shoes that were set to match her “perfect” outfit of choice. Picture taking was a moot point, I was just happy to get us on the road to school at all!
The bitterness really started to seep in later that day as I logged into my Facebook and scrolled through all of my friends and their gorgeous children all happily smiling out at me with their freshly pressed looks, and clean shiny faces. I sadly went through and liked all those precious photos. Then later in the day another friend of mine had the brilliant idea to just take one of her child after school….after all it was still the first day of school and even though she had forgotten before school it still counted, right? It was a brilliant plan….that I instantly forgot about right away. It was time for mom to do homework when the girls got home from school (Why is it that I always have more homework than they do on the first day back???). With paperwork all read and signed, and then supper to fix, and life just in general getting in the way the photo went completely out the window. I wonder if I could get them to sit still for a first month of school photo? That could still count as scrapbook worthy right?