Travel with Me a Jet Heads Review

Well it seems like lately we have been traveling like crazy. This past weekend we had a wonderful night out with friends and then traveled to the lake for the weekend. After a fun-filled lake adventure we traveled to take Regan to her third and final camp of the summer. If only I had the time and energy for a real vacation this summer, LOL.

Anyway on Friday evening I was sipping cocktails with my friend Luann who is a flight attendant with a very large company. She is often on international flights and traveling to all sorts of distant locations. Recently she has been to Africa, Ireland, and Germany. I had told her how very much I wished to fly with her and spend some time in all those exotic places that she gets to go to, when she offered me a seat on her flight to Tokyo for a very reduced rate. It sounds like heaven! Also the prefect time for me to take my new travel pillowcases by

Did you know how disturbing it is that most airlines do not change those pillowcases on those in flight pillows. Just the thought of all those sick germs and possible (dare I say it?)…lice, just makes my skin crawl. That is just disgusting. An easy way to protect you and your family when you travel this year is just to pack along your very own set of disposable pillowcases. These would be especially nice on those overseas trips. I need to let Luann know I am ready to start saving for a nice week away with her in some exotic location, and luckily I can be assured of being germ free from the airline pillows with these handy little disposable pillowcases.