Tuesday and Contemplating

I actually should get the official random Tuesday meme that is floating around blogosphere…but for some reason I am lazy this morning, and can’t be bothered. I am so completely sidetracked with obsessively reading through the Pitch Bloggers forum, and finally figuring out how to use Twitter successfully that I can’t be bothered with much else.

In honor of my sheer laziness, I have decided to let my dirt and dust just mingle and cohabitate. Then one day they will give birth to new dust (and possibly a bit of mold and mildew). Then they can have big family reunions at my house. If I believe Dr. Suess and “Horton Hears a Who” then in reality I am saving millions of lives by not cleaning my house this morning.

Here is my final contemplation….Tomorrow is my anniversary, and I was thinking (don’t get to excited) of posting one of my wedding pictures. So technically in my wordless/wordful Wednesday post you could see a picture of me for the first time in blogosphere…..but it would not be recent….and I am still contemplating. The problem is while I have a beautiful family, I am the unphotogenic one of the bunch (just ask my family…they will tell you). SO as I said it is just a contemplation, I’ll decide later…after I watch the dust/dirt porn that is swirling around me.

Oh wait….one more rambling: don’t you hate it when you have a zit right inside your nostril? You really can’t mess with it because it looks like you are picking your nose, and it is really a painful location. Time to break out Acnetix, and hopefully that will do the trcik….You would think at 36 I would be so past that stage.