Wasting Time….but laughing all the way

Okay, my sister Jennifer went and got me completely hooked on the website Fmylife.com. I swear if you ever felt down in the dumps……or just needed to giggle at what people are willing to post about their lives (I swear the Jerry Springer people have found a whole new outlet)then you have to check it out.

I even went and downloaded the app to my phone (trust me on this one Dorsey!!!!!) so that now I can have a quick giggle wherever I go. I will go ahead and say that some of the stories seem pretty fake and hokey, I mean really who has a hockey puck bust out their teeth and then have everyone in the stands cheering about it? That seems way far-fetched to me.

But if you are told you resemble a TV Star and the next line is…..that the star is Ugly Betty. Then wow…I am so sorry that happened to you…..but it did give me a chuckle.

Thank you Jennifer for making my life a little fuller with this touch of class and charm. My life wouldn’t be the same without you!