Welcome to “Forward” World

The girls are at the age now where all of their friends send each other emails. Living in the land of the Chain Letter and the forwards has gotten ridiculous! Rebecca checked her email and almost all of the mail she got was a forward from a friend and most of those she has received before….and they all end with something along the lines of send this to 20 million people or you will be cursed with a zit akin to Krakatoa on your chin ( Oh wait that really did happen to me this week).

My sister and aunt have put their foot down from being on Rebecca and Regan’s forward lists. They both said if you are sending us any mail at all….it better actually have some written conversation from you attached to it. I tried to explain that there are no real curses attached to chain letters, and they are just absolute nonsense. It is hard to convince a ten year old that seven years of bad luck aren’t real especially when she can easily send it to 10 bff’s and they will in turn send it right back to her.

Here is a copy of my official forward to my children, Enjoy…and of course if you like it forward it!

BUT….. only to your great Aunt’s College roommates’ daughter who lives with Bob or you will be cursed with nose hair that will self-braid on command.