Welcome to my Pity Party

I am either going to have to drop the followers button…..or do something drastic because it is driving me nuts!

Seriously people….have I really offended that many of you?

Okay this is the scoop (and yes it could be a stinkin system glitch). Yesterday….I noticed my follower numbers had dropped, and I thought “Oh well people clean up their follower lists all the time (in fact I have myself from time to time)”. Sometimes you find people really funny or poignant….and then after a while not so much. I get that!!!!!!! I really do!!!!

But today when I logged on I had dropped by 30 People that is crazy!

Should I hire a pied piper….or promise you all some rockin MP3 players
or join facebook like everyone else on the dang planet…..including my parents who have succumbed to the world’s newest drug.

What would normally make me just a tad bit sad has manifested itself into major paranoia….I blame Rebecca and her silly dance (memo to self: ground the child later for costing me followers)

Well it is a blogger glitch…so I will not flog my children (this time)……ummmm wait what is flogging again?