Well, I am definitely back from hiatus

Well, I am definitely back from hiatus, and ready to get this up and running folks. I am excited to share today about my frugal shopping on tax-free weekend down here in Texas. I am definitely a caviar mom, on a Target budget, and so is my youngest daughter. She wanted all the big name brands to start school off such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Roxy, Aeropostale, to name a few of her “faves”. Well to do the kind of wardrobe that would make her proud, I had to do some creative thinking.

First thing, was shopping in a small town was not going to cut it, so I called my sister in Austin to plan to stay with her on tax free weekend. Secondly, my sister used Google mapping to find all the children’s consignment stores in Austin, and then highlighted those that were in the wealthier neighborhoods ( Thanks Jen). After a day of shopping we got items in great condition ( the shops are very particular about what they will accept), and a lot of them too. I want to give a shout out to our favorite place we went to…The Polka Dot Pony—in the cedar creek area. The shop owner takes in all the trendiest clothes! We walked away with Abercrombie T-shirts for $6.00 a piece, and didn’t pay taxes too boot! I am one happy momma!

Finally to make the deal even more worthwhile, I had brought my sister all my girls fall clothes that they would not be wearing this year, to put in a huge consignment event happening in Plano, Texas Labor Day weekend. Divine Consign is a very well known Dallas area event, and since I will be making money off of my children’s gently used items, I feel that my school shopping turned into an even sweeter deal. I hope everyone was as successful getting their darlings looking great, as I was.