What did you do during the debates?

Ok, I did my civic duty, and listened closely to everything that both candidates had to say, but honestly couldn’t bear to watch it. It was on the TV playing away in the background, while I was busy sipping cocktails and shopping!

It is not that I don’t care about our country and the financial state that we are in, but did you know that Amazon was having a 70% off sale in their toys section? I have Christmas shopping to do with my own two girls, 3 nephews, and two nieces. So while I listened to the tirade of who did/did not vote for the Iraq situation. I was debating between which playdough set to buy my three year old nephew. While both candidates avoided discussing what they were going to do about the current financial crisis, I was buying board games for my 5 yr old niece. Buy the time my cosmo had reached the bottom of the glass, I had four gifts purchased to put up in my gift closet, and they were arguing on Fox News who had won the debate. I knew who had won, ME!
Posted by Christine at 9:01 AM

Dorsey said…

I was sipping pink cocktails, watching Sex and the City, eating boneless buffalo wings, and chillin’. I knew the debates were on, but just wasn’t THAT interested in listening to them.