What Happens when my Girls get to Choose

Friday was our official choose your own adventure day where the girls would get to choose “right”, “left”, or “straight” at any major crossroads we came to. I should have of course suspected something was up immediately when Rebecca’s first question as we are packing for the day was:

“When we get to the end of our road which way is the beach?”

So my point of being purposely random for the whole day was sabotaged by the girls with their own agenda, but really who can blame them….the closest coastline for us is just an hour away. I made sure to pack swimwear, sunscreen and a day to explore new places began.Right near Lake Texana we began to see many fields of burned cotton, with the fluffy cotton balls spilling out. Of course I took the opportunity to share with the girls our family history of picking cotton, and a quick history discussion on sharecroppers. It is always about the teachable moments.

We found our way to Port Lavaca and a small public beach there. The sky looks gorgeous, but believe me when I say it is so depressing how brown and murky the water is close up. Regan chose to not change into her swimsuit and instead found a shady spot outdoors to write in a notepad and play games on my phone. Rebecca and I explored some wetlands and found a hermit crab which we brought up to shore to show Regan. We also brought her several shells

The next part of our day was very important in the eyes of the girls because I was allowing them to buy the “oh so coveted” junk food that I never let them eat. Regan chose Twinkies because she had always wanted to try them, and Rebecca went for the hostess cupcake. They were in processed food heaven as we wandered a bit further down the coast.

In Seadrift we saw the many shrimp boats huddled into the docks and we talked about shrimp. The girls thought I should buy some at the bait shop so they could have them as pets or potential dinner (it depends on which child you ask). I opted to drive away from the bait shop area all together and focus on finding a new town with dinner options
Our dinner stop was in the fishing town of Port O’Connor where Rebecca was enthralled with the shells lining the parking lot by the restaurant. We enjoyed wonderful shrimp from Clarks and talked about our favorite moments of the day. Of course a trip to Port O’Connor is never complete unless you run into people you know, and today was no different. We got to chat with friends from Shiner dining at the restaurant just fresh off their fishing boat.

After our dinner we took one more detour and watched the sun go down and wandered the beach at Indianola for a bit. We collected a few more shells and called it a day.

What a wonderful day to spend with my girls before school starts back up and we all get busy in the midst of our crazy lives. I loved our day of adventure and the memories we can take away from it.