What’s in your CD Player right now?

My music changes with my mood….and this week I am feelin a little bit country. I am fortunate that through the Family Review Network it is all about Martina McBride in my car right now. The girls and I have been tunin’ and croonin’ to her latest album Playlist: Martina McBride. My favorite sing that she sings is “There you are” and the girls love “This One’s for the Girls”.

Martina McBride exclusive on Soundcheck
by soundcheck2008
This CD includes many of Martina’s Greatest hits including:

  • My Baby Loves Me
  • Wild Angels
  • Safe In The Arms Of Love
  • There You Are (Remix)
  • Happy Girl
  • It’s My Time
  • Wrong Again (Acoustic)
  • Show Me
  • I Love You (Pop Remix)
  • How I Feel
  • This One’s For The Girls (Remix)
  • Cryin’ Time
  • Independence Day
  • God Bless America

Her music just strikes a chord because it is a mixture of upbeat and soulful. Really she has songs that will please any listener. I love that she is such a postive “girl power” kind of singer so she fits in well with me and my girls. In fact this morning on the way to school Regan made me change from my AM news station so that she could start her school day on a good note by listening to Martina. She claims she will do better in class if she hears music…..not news.

If you are interested in Martina McBride’s new CD you can find it right now at Walmart.com and you can download one song for free off of the CD through Soundcheck. I can’t wait to hear if you are a fan of her too!