Wheels on the Bus IPhone/ITouch Review

I am completely addicted to finding cool apps (applications) on my Iphone. Needless to say when the Family Review Network asked me to review a new app for children I jumped at the chance. Yes, I know my children are not the ideal age range, but we are around kids all the time. This morning in fact we were entertaining ten kids from six families at my garage sale. The younger ones were fascinated with my Iphone, and asked me constantly if they could see it again (and again…..and again). So apps like the new Duck Duck Moose Wheels on the Bus, always come in handy.

The premise of the game is that you can be interactive with the beloved children’s song “Wheels on the Bus”. Some of the neat things your child can do, is amke the windsheild wipers swish, Helping the baker serve cake, and my personal favorite recording your own voice as part of the story. Channeling my inner diva….even at my age, who can resist? For a limited time the app store is offering Wheels on the Bus for $.99 instead of it’s regular price of $2.99.

It is a sure fire hit and great distractor so don’t miss the deal while you have the chance. I really can’t wait to share this with all my gym kids, and when I go see my neices during spring break. So, if you think the application is not for you, think about who you could share it with.