Where the Party is at

Being a Review Blogger is one of my most favorite parts of blogging. Getting to try really cool products and share them with my readers just excites me beyond reason. So believe me was I glad to find out about Pitch Bloggers the newest brainchild of Trisha Haas of MomDot fame.

“http://www.pitchbloggers.com/ is a comprehensive resource designed to help PR and marketing professionals get up to speed on best practices for working with mom bloggers and creating campaigns that incorporate the right mix of social media.

There is a lot of advice out there from PR pros about how to pitch mom bloggers. There is an equal number of bloggers doling out motherly advice to PR professionals about how to pitch. But often these well-meaning groups are missing something critical: a true, stand-in-my-shoes understanding of how the other half works.

That is where we are different. Our dynamic team is made up of moms, seasoned PR professionals and long time, experienced bloggers. We provide the ideal combination of expertise and experience to help you effectively engage with bloggers, keeping in mind the context in which PR and marketing professionals work. We know the pain of short timelines and demanding clients, or bosses who want to “reach those mom bloggers.”

So while ….yes…I have been busy with Easter over the weekend….I also have been busy at my new favorite site. Already I have heard from three different Public Relations Reps, and can’t wait to share some new discoveries with my readers.

Want to get in on the ground floor action?

You too are invited to the party. Fill out the application over at Pitch Bloggers, and I hope to see you on the forum soon.