Why Check the Weather?

Anytime I have ever traveled, while I am packing I check the weather channel or go online to see the seven day forecast for the place I am headed for. I mean there is no reason to pack sundresses if I am heading for a blizzard, right? I guess I thought that was a logical thing that most people did…..but alas my darling husband does not appear to be most people.

John Mark left Saturday for a week in St. Louis to work at his company’s headquarters. A lot of times he is asked to come up and teach new people in the company, or to do some mentoring. So he left bright and sunny south Texas where the weather was a balmy high 60’s to low 70’s and headed into snow…..completely unprepared in his packing.

This morning I get the phone call to please get his heavy duty trench coat to his secretary to overnight it to him (can we say expensive?) because he is freezing. Freezing huh…guess next time you’ll check the weather bucko!