Word World Review

Regan has a strange obsession with children’s program…..on any given evening you are just as likely to find her watching PBS Kids as you will watching any other channel. I have asked her why at age 13 she prefers watching shows geared towards the younger crowd, and she simply replies….because they are fun to watch. I have to admit some of them really are.

Word World is an Emmy award winning series that promotes early literacy. In fact studies have shown that children that watch the show doubled their oral vocabulary skills and tripled their ability to read certain words. This was especially helpful in households where English is a second language.

Personally it is easier if I leave the fact that it is educational out of the equation for Regan. She just loves the characters of dog, pig, and sheep and thinks it is really cool how their bodies are med up from the words. On Saturday February 14th Word World has a special Valentine’s episode, can you guess who already has it on their Tivo to-do list…..me!

On a side note, I found it really creative how they formed the animals out of the words that name them. My favorite I have seen so far is the shark. I think this will be a really creative project for my gifted and talented group at the girl’s school. I will let you know how it goes.

A special thank you to the Family Review Network for this wonderful opportunity.