You are doing WHAT tomorrow?

Among the conversations I don’t expect to have with Rebecca….today was one of those.

Rebecca:”Hey Mom, Tomorrow “E” and I have to go to Mr. Meyer’s office to have a little talk with him.”

Red flag goes up……she is scheduled for the principals office?

Me:”For Student Leadership Team? Is it about the Walk for Cancer you are organizing?”

This is the sort of thing she does at school, because she is a straight A, student council kind of kid.

Rebecca: “Ummmmmmm No, it’s because me and “E” kind of hit and kicked “M” (boy in class) after school yesterday while you were in your parent-teacher conference.

Okay extremely alarmed!!!!!!

Me: “Rebecca Anne….why on earth would you do such a thing, you were raised better than that”!

Rebecca:”Well “E” and I were playing on top of the tunnel on the playground and he came over and pushed me off so I got mad and hauled off and hit him. He was fine when he left but “E” said he cried on the way home and then he told his mom, and now the principal wants to talk to us tomorrow”

Speechless……(for a while)

Me: “Surely you could have made a better choice than hitting the boy, Rebecca”.

Rebecca: “Mom, daddy says I should always defend myself when a boy comes after me….so I did.”

Speechless again…..(for a while)….should I yell at John Mark?

I have decided letting her talk to the principal and having the school merit what punishment that it will. Then we are having a long talk that a boy pushing you off of playground equipment wasn’t quite what John Mark meant when teaching her some self-defense moves……but holy cow, apparently my ten year old can kick ass and take names……not sure what to make of that