You had me at “Mute”

Well the girls are hopeless romantics, and begged me to tell them all about their dad’s proposal of marriage, so I thought this was a great sharing opportunity. John Mark (that good ole southern double name thing) and I have know each other since junior high and he was in the grade ahead of mine. We never dated the whole time growing up because basically (and to be honest) we both were selfishly into people who would worship us, and not that into worshipping others. In other words we had a lot of growing up to do.

We both ended up graduating colleges the same time and were home right afterwards. He was subbing as the golf pro at our country club, and I was busy interviewing with politicians anxious to get on a campaign during election year and fulfill my dream of being a DC mover and shaker (funny how life changes everything).

He asked me out and we had a fantastic first date. He went straight home and woke his mother up to tell her he had found the girl he was going to marry (true story). Our families all knew each other…because after all it is a small town, and our mothers played Bridge together. Within three weeks he had asked my father for permission to ask me to marry him, and I figured he was planning some incredibly romantic proposal….so I had my hopes up….

Friday afternoon nearly a month from our first date John Mark and I were supposed to meet his parents at the golf course and then go out to eat. I settled down in a comfy chair in his living room and watched the news while he showered and got ready for dinner. A little later he comes out and grabs the remote…puts the sound on mute, and immediately drops to his knee and asks me to marry him. Just like that. No elaborate speech, no undying declarations of love, no romantic setting….just the weatherman silently in the background.

Good thing I love this man with my whole heart! I said yes, the ring was slipped on my finger, and we joyfully went to find family members and spread the news.

My girls on the other hand are completely crushed. “That’s it?” says Rebecca. “That’s not very romantic”, pipes in Regan. They start to fuss at their father for his lack of finesse. He on the other hand looks hurt. “Oh honey”, I cry as I run up and hug him…..”you had me at mute”!

He is not amused.